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Understanding dyslexia is the key to cracking complex code

Sir Richard Branson

AMERICAN author Frederick Douglass once said:“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”

It stands to reason, therefore, that those in society without the ability to read are forever captive.

Throughout his schooling, local man Jason Carty was dismissed as “dumb” and “slow” for his inability to read.

As a consequence he was subjected to almost daily bouts ofbullyingand quit school aged just 16 years.

As it turned outMr Carty was neither dumb nor slow, but he was dyslexic.

Dyslexia is a disorder that is almost impossible for those not afflicted to comprehend.

After all, the words on thepage of a book, magazine, newspaper or computer screen are there in black and white, right?


For Mr Carty and, according to some estimates, about 10 per cent of the population, they simply do not appear in a legible order.

To many sufferers, words are jumbled in a nonsensical sequence that requires a veritable age to unscramble.

Their brains can quickly become exhausted as they struggle to decipher acode that comes so naturally to most.

It is no wonder that without the proper tuition and supportover the years many have given up and withdrawn –just as Mr Carty did –robbing society of some of its otherwise best and brightest.

Scouring through a list of some of the most well-known people throughout history thoughtto beafflicted with dyslexia reveals the potential lying within.

From novelist Agatha Christie, to businessman Sir Richard Branson, to director Steven Spielberg, to America’s first president George Washington –the list is endless.

There is no doubt the Australian education system has become better at identifying and assisting people with dyslexia.

But there are still students who fall through the cracks as they struggle to overcome the stigma of their learning difficulties.

There is a lot of money spent helping people with dyslexialearn to read.

Perhaps the next greatstep forward is to educate the rest of the population on the plight these people face every day of their lives.

– Ross Tyson, deputy editor

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‘Irresponsible’: council investigates mysterious chemical dump at showground

CHEMICAL DUMP: on Tueaday morning Orange City Council staff were called to investigate the dumping of chemicals at Orange Showground shortly before the foam covering the chemicals dissipated. Photo: STEVE GOSCH 1013sgshowgroundTHE person who illegally dumped chemicals on a large patch of grass in the middle of the Orange Showground this week could face a hefty fine if they are caught.

Orange City Council spokesman Nick Redmond said council staff learnt of the chemical dumping early on Tuesday morning.

“Staff responded quickly and what looked like a 20-metre-wide strip of foam was found on a grassed area to the north of the fenced showground ring,” Mr Redmond said.

“The foam evaporated quickly, but not enough of the material was able to be gathered to gain a sample for testing.”

Mr Redmond said while staff were unable to work out the chemical’s content they formed the opinion that someone with an agricultural boom spray had come to the showground early on Tuesday morning and emptied the contents of a chemical tank onto the grass.

“It’s hard to fathom how potentially irresponsible this action could be,” he said.

“There’s been no rain, but the chemical could have run into a nearby creek.

“There was no obvious odour so staff are reasonably confident there is no ongoing risk to anyone in the area.”

Council staff approached nearby residents to see if they had noticed anything at the time of the incident.

Council also reported the incident to the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

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Questions over gasworks remediation delay

The former gasworks site at Hamilton. Toxic Truth: More stories

Toxic truth: Archive

THE NSW government has been asked to explain why it has taken 30 years to remediate one of the Hunter’s most contaminated sites.

Newcastle MP Tim Crakanthorp condemned the government and the Environment Protection Authority in a speech in Parliament on Tuesday about the former AGL Hamilton Gasworks site, after Newcastle Herald articles about planned remediation and concerns raised by two women who’d spent their childhoods there.

Mr Crakanthorp will meet with Planning Minister Rob Stokes later this month over documents showing that carcinogenic and toxic materials have been leaking from the site into groundwater for an unknown number of years.

‘‘I’m concerned about the health and wellbeing of residents who live around there,’’ Mr Crakanthorp said.

Though the NSW government had to answer questions about what action it had taken since the Environment Protection Authority declared the Gasworks a significantly contaminated site in 2011, requiring remediation under threat of prosecution, he conceded previous Labor governments had also failed to act.

‘‘The Labor Party can’t walk away from this, but as the elected MP now I am making a commitment to the people of Newcastle to get some action,’’ he said.

Mr Crakanthorp said his questions to the NSW government would include why the alternative Newcastle transport option of a Woodville Junction rail terminal with a transport interchange on the old gasworks site was so quickly dismissed.

‘‘It looks like the contamination has meant the idea of Woodville Junction has gone into the too hard basket.’’

Maitland transport petition tabled

A PETITION signed by more than 1000 residents who want better public transport for Maitland and a return of heavy rail into Newcastle has been tabled in State Parliament.

The petition, tabled by Maitland MP Jenny Aitchison on Tuesday, also calls for the interim introduction of the same stops for existing bus shuttles as are proposed for light rail, make Victoria Street station accessible for people with mobility issues, and introduce stations in the western growth areas of Maitland to service Bolwarra Heights, Oakhampton, Aberglasslyn and McKeachie’s Run.

‘‘Despite a court ruling and intense public dissatisfaction, the Baird Liberal government has continued to ignore the wishes of people in Maitland and the Upper Hunter by passing legislation in the lower house to permanently remove the line.

The government is expected to introduce legislation into the upper house this week to remove the rail line.

Ms Aitchison said the government’s plan to truncate the rail line was an attack on democracy.

‘‘This truncation has been rejected by all Hunter communities, it is also an attack on the democracy of our state,’’ she said.

‘‘This truncation has been rejected by all Hunter communities since the 2011 election. Pro-truncation candidates in the Hunter have suffered massive swings against them and in most cases lost their seats.’’

Ms Aitchison has sought to establish a Hunter Planning and Transport Authority for the Hunter.

The authority would be charged with ensuring an integrated transport, land use and development plan for the Hunter Region to ensure the economic development and social inclusion for Hunter communities.

BoM issues storm warning for parts of the Hunter

THE Bureau of Meteorology has issued a thunderstorm warning for eight NSW weather forecast districts, including parts of the Upper Hunter.

STORM SEASON: The Bureau of Meteorology warns more storms and heavy rain are possible in parts of the Hunter on Tuesday evening. Pic: Courtesy 老域名bom.gov备案老域名

The Bureau said large hailstones, heavy rainfall and damaging wind is possible.

Areas included in the Bureau’s yellow warning zone are Scone and Murrurundi to the north, and further west throughDenman, Sandy Hollow, Merriwaand Cassilis.

BoM said flash flooding may occur in some weather forecast districtsover the next several hours.

Areas likely to be affected outside the Hunter includeLismore, Grafton, Port Macquarie, Taree, Armidale, Bathurst, Tamworth, Gunnedah, Moree, Narrabri, Walgett and Lightning Ridge.

The Bureau said heavy falls have already been recorded in a short space of time in the Northern Rivers, where 43mm of rain fell in 30 minutes between 3:30pm and 4:00pm atBrays Creek on Tuesday.

On the Mid-North Coast,32mm of rain fell in 30 minutes between 3:35pm and 4:05pm at Girralong.

The Bureau will issue an updatedwarning around8pm on Tuesday night.

If hail, heavy rain and damaging winds are forecast, the State Emergency Service (SES) always advises residents to do the following:

move theircar under cover or away from trees;secure loose items around thehouse, yard and balcony;keep clear of fallen power lines;unplug computers and appliances;avoid using the phone during the storm;stay indoors away from windows; andkeep children and pets indoors.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 老域名.